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Jocelyn Reed

is a multidisciplinary artist born in the towering wheat fields of Southern Kansas. Based out of Omaha, Nebraska, Jocelyn's main passion in life is costume design. They have had the opportunity to work with collectives such as BLUEbarn Theater (2021-2023) The Omaha Community Playhouse (2022), The Great Plains Theatre Conference (2019-2020), and the Ollie Webb Center (2022) in recent years. Fresh off the Rose Theater's Design Team for "Life Doesn't Frighten Me (I Am Fearless Royalty)," (2023), and saddled with a BA In Theatre with a concentration in costume design, as well as a BFH in Black Studies from the University of Nebraska Omaha, this dude stays busy. When they aren’t running around like a headless emu, Jocelyn manages The Venue at Millwork Commons in association with PJ Morgan Real Estate. They also haunt the Union for Contemporary Arts, where they will design "Spunk," this spring.

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